Fuel efficient smokeless chulha


Context More than 70% of Indians live in rural areas and they use wood burning cook stoves for cooking their food. The wood burning stoves currently in use in villages operate at an efficiency level as low as 6-8%. This results in increase in demand of firewood that accelerates the felling of wood resulting in deforestation. However, with a little effort, it is possible to increase the thermal efficiency of these stoves considerably. Improved fuel wood stoves would reduce:


Firewood consumption substantially
Pressure on CPR/Forest
Time and effort on collection of firewood
Smoke related health hazard as women are at high risk due to long exposure to smoke
Environmental hazard and thereby make their utility economical & efficient.










Keeping the above context in mind, DESI Technology Solutions provides technical support for design implications of fuel efficient smokeless chulha for the households in remote rural areas.


Fuel efficient smokeless chulha – The technology


A chimney attached to the stove removes the smoke effectively from the cooking area. The design is such that it utilizes the complete flame generated in the stove efficiently. Some of the benefits of this stove are:


Increased thermal efficiency
Reduction in indoor pollution
Reduced drudgery for women and children
Saving of firewood/biomass leading to conservation of forests
Employment generation in rural areas
Protection to rural women folk from health hazards











Implementation strategy

DESI Technology Solutions facilitates technically to the women SHGs on the following aspects


Field investigation
Orientation on smokeless chulha
Orientation on structural design
Formation of business groups
Field implementation and monitoring
Operational procedures to the women users












Hydraulic ram (HYDRAM) pump is a simple, motorless device for pumping water at low flow rates. It uses the energy of flowing water to lift water from a stream, or spring to an elevated storage tank or to a discharge point. It is suitable for use where small quantities of water are required and power supplies are limited, such as for household, garden, Irrigation or livestock water supply. A hydraulic ram pump is useful where the water source flows constantly and the usable fall from the water source to the pump location is at least 4.5 feet.


The normal operating ranges of the pumps are:


Drive head range                = 1.5 - 30m

Drive flow range = 60 - 120 ltrs/min

Delivery head range = 6 - 100m

Typical delivery range      = 2 - s20 ltrs/min

It lifts 10% of the flowing water 10 times the original  head

Discharge of 4000 to 5000 lts /day


Implementation strategy


DESI Technology Solutions facilitates technically to the community based organizations on the following aspects;


Orientation on site identification
Orientation on civil structure requirements
Field monitoring
Installation procedures
Operational training to the local operator/community









Stabilized Mud Block Technology


Production of conventional bricks requires huge amount of firewood or coal for burning. Both these resources have become scarce and exorbitantly costly. Burning process is also determined to the environment. Hence, there was a search for an alternative. The result was the development of Stabilized Mud Block Technology. Suitable soil with a certain percentage of stabilizers like cement or lime or asphalt or some other chemical is pressed with manual or mechanical press to get a dense block of varied sizes. The process is energy efficient and environment friendly and has inherent employment generation potential.


Comparison between Stabilised Mud Block and Burnt Brick:


Compressed Stabilized Soil Blocks

Burnt Bricks

Enormous savings in fuel

High consumption of fuel

Small scale production possible

Only large quantities can be produced

Self-Help production feasible

Special Clayey soil required

Dependence on machine is an impediment

No need of a machine

Low water consumption

High water consumption

Production possible in rainy season also

Production impossible in rainy season

Only 70 years of experience

At least 5000 years of proven record




Weight when wet: 9 KG
Weight when Dry: 8.2 KG
Density when wet: 2.05 Gms/CC
Dry Density : 1.87 Gms/CC
Compression Strength: 20 to 110 KG/CM2 depending on the stabilizer percentage( a 7.5% cement stabilized block would have an average  Wet Compressive strength of about 40- 45 KG/CM2 )
Water Absorption: 8-12%











Implementation strategy


DESI Technology Solutions facilitates technically to the community based organizations on the following aspects;


Orientation on the use of stabilized mud block
Formation of business groups
Field monitoring
Production and marketing
Operational training to the local community









Our  other focus sectors.


Agriculture promotion
Land and water management
Renewable energy and Biomass
Promotion of livelihood skills












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Improved clay and cement cook stoves
Charcoaling technology
Bio-gas plant
Kitchen waste based compact biogas plant
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Solar cooker and solar water heater
Solar lighting













Improved Agriculture


Adoption of improved varieties 
Use of vermicompost
Nursery technologies
Agri-horticultural technologies
Use of improved agricultural implements for the farm
Low cost green house










Land and Water Management


Water supply
Tippy tap 
Rain water harvesting
Different types of pumps
Catchments protection
Household sanitation
Construction of latrines, soak pits, Compost pits 












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