Technical feasibility

DESI undertakes feasibility study in-order to find out the appropriateness of the sites for pico/micro-hydro, solar and hydram systems. The following components are part of the feasibility:

  • Need assessment
  • Site assessment
  • Design parameters
  • Financial viability
  • Resource availability
  • Resource availability
  • Skills requirement

Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR)

  • Site details
  • Load factors
  • System design
  • Financial requirements
  • Institutional management procedures
  • Economic analysis
  • Implementation Schedule

Project Development and Consultation

DESI provides consultation supports to develop various technological projects for rural development around renewable energy technologies.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

DESI undertakes project monitoring and evaluation of various social development projects in India.

Training and Capacity building

Capacity building on hardware & soft skills, project planning & management, result based management and monitoring, organisational development, curricula development, strategic planning etc to various agencies (NGOs, Govt. and Private farms).